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Custom Treillage

To bring elegance and architecture to your balcony or terrace.


  • Treillage & Planters on balcony
  • Trelliswork for plants on balcony
  • Separate several balconies
  • Treillage on wall section in terrace
  • Elegant backdrop on balcony
  • Outdoor decor winter time
  • Illusion of depth with mirrors
  • Elegant outdoor backdrop
  • Nature mixing with treillage
  • Harmonious backdrop
  • Privatize the outside area
  • Elegant backdrop for plants
  • Dress up an outside area
  • Treillage matching house
  • Elegant treillage on a balcony
  • Create an elegant terrace
  • Create a focal point on a statue
  • Potted plant on balcony
  • Blue treillage in a patio
  • Matching planters and treillage
  • Illusion of depth on gate
  • Free standing treillage
  • Elegant treillage for plants
  • Matching planters and treillage
  • Wall decor around statue