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The oldest remaining Treillage today date back to the late 19 th century or early 20 th . Tricotel restores these works from the remaining elements, plans and photos of the time. Several restorations prestige marked in recent years: the Pavilion costs of Versailles, Duchêne the porch of the Hotel Matignon, the Musée Nissim de Camondo, Sylvie’s house and gazebo Island of Love at the castle Chantilly, the hunting museum in Paris …

Le Pavillon Frais – Versailles Castle

Built in 1753 by Ange-Jacques Gabriel for Louis XV in Versailles and Trianon demolished in 1810, Cool Pavilion has been completely restored in 2010 according to the records of time under the direction of Pierre-André Lablaude – Chief Architect of Historic Monuments. Galerie Le Pavillon Frais:

The Gloriette Island of Love – Castle of Chantilly

Made in 1895 by Tricotel for the Duke of Aumale, trellises Booth Island of Love were restored in 2012 as part of the renovation of the English Garden Domaine de Chantilly.

Villa of L’Evêque street

Representative works produced by Tricotel in the gardens of mansions late 19th and early 20th century, this trellis decor has been preserved after restoration. Galery “Villa of L’Evêque street”:

The groves of Versailles castle

Unique example among the fifteen “green rooms” adorning the gardens of Versailles, the Bosquet des 3 Fontaines, created by Le Nôtre in 1679, revived in 2004 after several years of restoration. Galery The groves of Versailles castle: